Planning Appeals

Planning Appeals

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In the first instance Paul Butler Associates Ltd will seek to secure planning permission for clients without the need to resort to the uncertainties of the appeals system. Notwithstanding this, where agreement cannot be reached with a local planning authority with regards to a development, the team are well placed to advise on clients' options, which may include the overseeing and coordination of a planning appeal. Paul Butler Associates Ltd are able to advise clients who have had applications refused prior to us advising them, and now must consider their options.


Due to the need for client confidentiality, details provided here relating to specific appeal-related projects are limited, however relevant instructions have included:

* Representing a private individual who had contacted the practice having had planning permission refused for an eight dwelling development. Paul Butler Associates Ltd coordinated the appeal via written representations. Whilst the appeal was dismissed, the inspector rejected a key reason for refusal which has provided renewed scope for a development at the site. The practice have been retained by the client to advise on an amended scheme.

* Paul Butler Associates Ltd are well placed in terms of providing strategic advice on projects where the appeals process may appear to be the only remaining option. In one case, the practice were approached by a developer who had had planning permission refused, and was seeking a planning consultant to represent him at appeal. Having reviewed the documents that had been submitted in support of the refused application along with the Council's planning policies, Paul Butler Associates Ltd were able to prescribe an alternative strategy. The client subsequently re-engaged with the Council and a mutually acceptable scheme was approved.

* A private individual contacted Paul Butler Associates Ltd for planning advice after receiving an enforcement letter from the local planning authority.  The letter alleged that an outbuilding was being constructed within the Green Belt without the benefit of planning permission.  Having assessed the planning policy context and visited the site, the Practice determined that the most appropriate way forward was to submit a retrospective planning application.  Despite a robust application being submitted, this was refused by the local planning authority.  A written representations appeal was subsequently submitted to the Planning Inspectorate against the reasons for refusal.  The appointed Inspector overturned the refusal and awarded planning permission, agreeing with Paul Butler Associates Ltd that the proposal would comply with planning policy and would not harm the openness or visual amenity of the Green Belt.