Regeneration : Poets Estate

Poets Estate

Regeneration : Poets Estate, Swinton 

Client: Salix Homes

Paul Butler Associates Ltd acted as planning agent for this comprehensive regeneration scheme submitted on behalf of Salix Homes, a social housing provider in Salford.  The hybrid application secured Full permission for the Phase 1 development consisting of 22 new dwellings and Outline permission for Phases 2,3 and 4 amounting to a further 139 dwellings.  In total 146 properties are to be demolished.  The scheme will provide a mix of 120 affordable (social rented) houses and 41 market properties.

The application was submitted in December 2015 and approved in March 2016.  Paul Butler Associates Ltd prepared and submitted a Planning Statement and a Affordable Housing and Planning Obligations Statement in support of the application and managed the application through to determination.   



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