Regeneration : Brunswick Neighbourhood Regeneration PFI

Brunswick Neighbourhood Regeneration PFI

Regeneration : Brunswick Neighbourhood Regeneration PFI

Client : Solutions 4 Brunswick (S4B)

Paul Butler Associates Ltd acted as planning agent on behalf of the S4B Consortium securing planning permission for a Masterplan which will transform the Brunswick Neighbourhood located just a mile outside of Manchester City Centre.
The scheme involves the selective demolition and clearance of poor quality former residential units to allow for the phased redevelopment and refurbishment of the Brunswick Neighbourhood. 

The masterplan will involve the erection of 444 new residential dwellings; a new mixed use building comprising four retail units;  a neighbourhood housing office with 18 apartments above; and a mixed-use residential care home with 60 residential units and a day care centre at ground floor level. 

The scheme will also involve the refurbishment of 839 existing homes as well as improvements to the public realm including the creation of a new boulevard and new access road; the upgrading of Gartside Gardens; and the creation of a new orchard and 25 new allotments; together with associated infrastructure, landscaping and tree planting.

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