Enforcement - Paul Butler Associates Experience

Planning enforcement is a sensitive, yet necessary part of the planning system. Paul Butler Associates recognises that being subject to enforcement action can be stressful and lead to uncertainty which can have a significant impact on a person or company's land and / or buildings.

The Practice has advised multiple clients who have received enforcement notices from Local Planning Authorities. Such work has included where built development has taken place without being in accordance with approved plans, where a building is operating in a use which is not permitted, or where some other breach of planning control has taken place.

In each case, PBA will first advise clients on the implications of any enforcement notice as well as providing a strategy to resolve matters. In most cases, PBA will seek to agree a way forward with the local planning authority and an application approach. Where matters cannot be resolved, the practice are also able to provide clients with the details of an appropriate legal advisor.

Due to the sensitive nature of enforcement-related projects and the need to ensure client confidentiality, no specific examples of the practice's experience as provided here.


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